Auburn Yoga & Pilates, Auburn, MA


AYPC, located on route 20/12 in Auburn, MA is a fitness studio that offers yoga, pilates, barre, spin, and TRX classes. 

AYPC offers a welcoming and non-judgemental atmosphere for clients of all ages and fitness levels who want an alternative to large, impersonal gyms. AYPC' s provides a supportive environment, where clients meet their individual fitness and wellness goals in order to become more confident, mindful, and/or physically fit. 

AYPC provides small, personalized classes with attentive and knowledgeable teachers who help clients create their own roadmap to meet their goals to improve their overall health and well being. 



At AYPC, you will find the perfect yoga class for your schedule and level. We offer yoga every day so that you can choose from varied class options, including classes ideal for beginners through advanced yoga students.


At AYPC, you can experience Barre classes, which seamlessly integrates elements of Pilates, dance, cardio & strength training. (Don't worry, no tutus required! ;-))

Silver Sneakers

Auburn Yoga & Pilates Center is a proud provider of SilverSneakers®, the nation’s leading exercise program for active older (65+) adults.


As an official SPINNING center, you can be sure you will get a safe and effective low impact, high calorie burning experience class at AYPC that will improve your cardiovascular health. With classes every day, you are sure to find a class to meet your schedule.  


At AYPC, you can improve core strength and prevent back pain by strengthening your back muscles with Pilates Mat classes. We have a variety of props and have classes ideal for beginners or more advanced students.  


At AYPC, you can experience the classes that utilize the TRX Suspension Trainer, which helps to develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously.


"At 70 years old, I walk tall and move with fluidity, carry my bags of groceries with ease, and look forward to each new day. The women commararderies and teachers have created a sublime space for growth. Namaste and thanks."

~Gerry Brophy

"Coming to spin and yoga have changed my ability to make some time to spend on myself. It has been great to work out in a place that is full of fun, relaxed people, all with great attitudes"

~Eileen McNamara

"AYPC has mde me a calmer human being. It keeps me focused and calm. I continue to lose it from time to time but I regain my composure much quicker. I can do lots of moves that were almost impossible before. I am able to be still and quiet while under the influence of angry people, I can smile. My body is stronger, and I have more strength."

~Cheryl Lopriore

"Since starting yoga in June, I am less stressed and have noticed less aches and pains, and increased flexibility. Barre has given me more stamina and strength."

~Emily Thomas

"I have been coming to AYPC since its inception. It has provided me with a great place to exercise, be with friends, and provides me with more flexibility and strength. I owe my good health and fitness to my instructors and friends at AYPC."

~Lesley Davis

"Everytime I attend a class at AYPC, I feel a sense of gratitude to myself that I took care of my health. The classes are specially designed to promote wellness of the mind, body, and spirit...Money well spent for a healthy body. It was nice to hear my physician tell me that I am at a good weight and my muscles are strong! Good hard work!"

~Laurie Fazio

"AYPC helped me find myself after my divorce. The environment and other members were so supportive. It allowed me to not only find my true self but realize that fitness was in fact my passion. I have since become a certified spin instructor and group exercise instructor."

~Nancy Degnan

"I came to AYPC after completing PT for a minor injury. Since coming here, I've learned how to properly exercise. I am stronger, more flexible, and happy! And as an added bonus-met some great friends!!!" 

~Jill Giard

"AYPC is an amazing place with amazing instructors. They all make you feel so welcomed and they help you get the most out of your workout. AYPC offers so many different classes , a full variety of options. Its only a few weeks but I feel stronger, more flexible, and healthier."

~Kerry Bradshaw

"AYPC has made me braver. I have always been afraid of trying new things (especially with people I don't know), and AYPC has given me a safe, welcoming, and non-judgmental environment in which to stretch my wings as well as my comfort zone."

~Brenda Litchfield

"In December of 2013, I contracted a virus which spurred a catastrophic illness. I experienced 10 days on life support and consequent need for inpatient rehabilitation. I was told by several doctors at both hospitals that I would not have survived if not for the physical condition that I was in prior to this illness. I thank all of the instructors at AYPC. I thank all of the members at AYPC. My family thanks you all!!"

~Mary Ellen Morocco

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